MODEL: Bailey Martindale. PHOTO: Monika Norman Photography

MODEL: Bailey Martindale. PHOTO: Monika Norman Photography


Here’s our take…

Picture Park was created out of a mutual love for pretty spaces, artful design and glam photography.

While we love all things “pretty,” we believe true beauty is found within and in every act of kindness we pass along. Serving and encouraging others is the best reflection of authentic beauty.

In that spirit, once we open our doors, we will be hosting a Daymaker Giveaway on Instagram each Monday. Simply comment with something you did for another person or how you encouraged someone this week. We’re not choosing a winner based on the size of the gesture. Maybe you complimented someone’s smile? Maybe you shared a pint of ice cream with a hurting friend? It’s just about making someone else’s day better.

We’ll draw a random winner from the comments, and they will receive a free ticket to the studio for themselves and a guest. Yea!

By the way… We know you do these things without needing recognition, but we believe kindness is contagious, and your comment might just spur someone on.

Have fun, collaborate and champion the human spirit. It makes for a beautiful world!